Iron frying pans

We carry sturdy iron frying pans without any coating.
Our original hammered iron frying pans are made by "Yamada Kogyosho".



Frying pans are an indispensable tool for everyday cooking. We handle frying pans made of various materials, such as light aluminum, and easy to handle non-stick. For customers searching for durable frying pans, we recommend iron frying pans.

【Yamada kogyosho】

KAMA-ASA’s original iron frying pan is made by Yamada kogyosho.
This hammered iron frying pan is sturdy enough to bear heavy usage in professional kitchens.
2.3mm iron thick iron would transfer stable heat and brings out the flavor of ingredients.

【Original handle】

Our frying pan has a slim and flat original handle, which is easy to grip by various hands. The handle is attached relatively closer to the bottom of the pan and it would not disturb putting on large sized lids too.

【Welded handle】

The handle is welded to make it is easier to wash and keep the pan clean.

【No wax coating】

General iron pans items have anti-rust wax coating on the surface and this wax coating needs to be burnt off before your first time usage. However, this procedure cannot be done on induction heating and a gas stove with temperature sensor.
In order to reduce this procedure, we sell our pans without anti-rust wax coating on and oiling the pans by ourselves.