Iron peking woks

Iron woks are ultimate tools for stir-frying with high heat. We carry sturdy hammered iron woks made by “Yamada Kogyosho”.


Woks can be useful not only in professional kitchen but for home use. The round-bottomed deep wok is suitable for stir-frying, boiling, and deep-frying too. We mainly handle iron woks made by “Yamada Kogyosho”.

【Yamada Kogyosho】

“Yamada Kogyosho” is a well-known manufacturer among chefs for hammered iron woks and frying pans based in Yokohama city. Their special hammering technique makes the iron pans sturdy and functional.

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【Pans without wax coating】

Usually, items from Yamada Kogyosho have anti-rust wax coating. The wax coating needs to be burnt off before seasoning. This procedure cannot be done on induction heating and a gas stove with temperature sensor.
To reduce this procedure, we sell pans without anti-rust wax coating on.


Woks are an essential tool for cooking Chinese cuisine. The deep round-bottomed shape is perfect for stir-frying. Aside from stir-frying, you can also use for stewing, deep-frying, and steaming.
This durable hammered woks can be used on high power gas stoves. The 1.6mm thick iron would retain and transfer heat evenly on home use gas stoves too.
Since the wok is deep, a separately sold wok ladle is recommendable for stir-frying.