KAMA-ASA's original products

KAMA-ASA's Black Cutting Board

This cutting board is a collaboration product with “TenRyo-Manaita” in Okayama, Japan. The biggest feature of this cutting board is that its soft surface can retain the sharpness of your blade longer than hard cutting boards.
It is made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate), which is soft and elastic material compared to usual plastic and prevents from damaging the blade edge. There are 5 sizes available, from small sizes for home-use to large sizes for professional kitchens.

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Rice cooking pot is an essential tool to cook delicious rice. KAMA-ASA’s original cast iron rice cooking pot was created to bring out the best flavor of rice by reproducing rice cooked with Hagama and Kamado. Hagama is a traditional Japanese round-bottomed pot with a ring and used with a special stove called Kamado.
This shallow flat-bottomed cast iron pot can heat up similar to Kamado and cook rice with rich flavor.

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Usually, Ohitsu has a copper band to fix the wood together. The copper band can shift or come off and needs to be fixed when the wood shrinks from dry atmosphere. Also, the color of copper may turn black after usage. Our original Ohitsu is made by a special technique, which allows hiding the band by inserting it inside the wood. Thus, there is no need of worrying the band coming off or discoloring.

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Cast ironware can evenly transfer heat and works great for various cooking. Once heated, the thick cast ironware can maintain high and stable temperature.

The slight rough surface of cast ironware is due to the sand mold. The more you use the ironware; a layer of oil, which prevents the food from getting burnt, would be created on the surface. Also, cast ironware can leach dietary iron into food while cooking.
Cast ironware are compatible with gas, induction*, and oven and can be used for variety of cooking. It is suitable for grilling, stir-frying, deep-frying, stewing, and can be used as ovenware too.
*Please note some are not induction compatible due to the shape.

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KAMA-ASA’s denim mitten

The palm side of the mitten is made of "Technora", which is a special heat resistant material that can bear 42℃ This high functional mitten is useful when handling woks and frying pans, in ovens and outside BBQ too. The inner of the mitten is made of a non-woven fabric called "Sontara", which has high heat insulation.
The thickness of mitten is considered for good operability to use in busy professional kitchens.

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KAMA-ASA’s denim apron for sharpening

A special apron for knife sharpening made by collaboration of Johnbull and KAMA-ASA. When finishing your knife sharpening, you would need to remove the burr from the blade by rubbing on newspapers or denim fabric. This apron has a different denim fabric attached on the right thigh for removing the burr.
The main fabric is black denim made by Johnbull. The stylish black color denim would discolor like vintage jeans the more you use.
This functional apron can be useful for using in professional kitchens and for home use too.
There are towel hangers on both sides. The chest pocket is convenient to put pens and memos. The large pocket on the left waist has a lid to prevent things from dropping off.

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