KAMA-ASA’s cast iron rice cooking pot


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KAMA-ASA’s original cast iron rice cooking pot. This pot is created to bring out the best flavor of rice by reproducing rice cooked with Hagama and Kamado.
-Able to cook 2 - 4 cups of rice. (15 – 6g of dry rice)
-The pot is made of Nambu cast iron, which is a representative Japanese traditional craft from Iwate. Each pot is elaborately made by craftsmen. The cast iron pot can cook rice with stable and steady heat. It can be used on gas stove and induction heating too.
-The inside of pot is heated up to more than 9℃ to create a layer called "oxide film" to prevent rust. This special method called "Kamayaki" is used for Tetsubin (cast iron kettle) too. This method is one of the reasons that Tetsubin improves the taste of water.
-The standing rim of the pot would prevent boil over from dripping down the stove.
-The lid is made of Sawara cypress from Kiso, which is durable and hygroscopic wood used for traditional Japanese kitchenware. It would absorb the steam while cooking and does not make the rice too gooey.
-The groove on the backside of lid would seal the pot efficiently and would enable to cook rice with more pressure. This lid is made with a traditional method called "Yatoizanetsugi", which is commonly used for buildings and furniture. Small wooden parts inserted in the junction of lid would make the lid durable and prevent the steam from leaking.

[How to care]
-Immediately empty the pot after cooking. Leaving the rice inside the pot would cause rust. We recommend transferring the cooked rice into "Ohitsu" (Rice container) to make it taste better.
-Wash the pot without using kitchen soap. Scrub with natural brush and water (lukewarm is preferable). Do not use brush made of hard materials such as metal brush or nylon brush since it will damage the oxide film (thin layer which prevent rust) on the surface of the pot.
-After washing, lightly heat up the pot to let the water completely evaporate.

-The iron pot would rust without care.
-There may be color unevenness.
-Since the lid is made of natural wood, it may have small cracks regardless of usage.
-Please read the instruction before usage.

[Product information]
-Size and weight
Pot: DiameterΦ21cm (External diameter Φ26cm) , Height 9.5cm, Weight 3.1kg (including lid)
Pot: Nambu Cast iron
Lid: Kiso Sawara cypress
-Compatible with gas, induction and electric heater.
-Cooking time : approx. 3 minutes (Not including time for washing and soaking rice.)
-Packed in a black fancy box.