KAMA-ASA's nambu cast iron pot

Nambu cast iron is a representative Japanese traditional craft from Iwate. We have been passing on the traditional technique as well as producing newly designed cast ironware, which fits the modern lifestyle.

Cast ironware can evenly transfer heat and is excellent for various cooking. Once heated, the thick cast ironware can maintain high and stable temperature.
The slight rough surface of cast ironware is due to the sand mold. The more you use the ironware; a layer of oil, which prevents the food from getting burnt, would be created on the surface. Also, cast ironware can leach dietary iron into food while cooking.
Cast ironware are compatible with gas, induction*, and oven and can be used for variety of cooking.
*Please note some is not induction compatible due to the shape.

Cast ironware is suitable for grilling, stir-frying, deep-frying, stewing, and in ovens too. We handle basic sukiyaki pots and original Nambu cast ironware too.