KAMA-ASA's Ohitsu (Cooked rice jar)

Simple and functional KAMA-ASA's original Ohitsu.

Ohitsu is a traditional tool for keeping cooked rice. It would bring out the flavor of rice by moderately cooling down and absorbing excess moisture. In other words, Ohitsu is the last tool to use when cooking tasty rice. It is recommendable for using with rice cooked with pots and rice cookers too.

【Stainless steel band】

Usually, Ohitsu has a copper band to fix the wood together. The copper band can shift or come off and needs to be fixed when the wood shrinks from dry atmosphere. Also, the color of copper may turn black after usage. Our original Ohitsu is made by a special technique, which allows hiding the band by inserting it inside the wood. Thus, there is no need of worrying the band coming off or discoloring.

【Selected material】

This Ohitsu is made of the highest quality Sawara tree (type of cypress) over 100 years old from Kiso, Nagano. Sawara wood has been traditionally used for kitchen and bath tools for its high durability. It is acid resistant and perfect for keeping sushi rice too.