Sushi & Rice

We handle various tools to cook your ideal rice, such as rice cooking pots, handai and ohitsu.

KAMA-ASA’s cast iron rice cooking pot

KAMA-ASA’s original cast iron rice cooking pot was created to bring out the best flavor of rice by reproducing rice cooked with Hagama and Kamado. Hagama is a traditional Japanese round-bottomed pot with a ring and used with a special stove called Kamado. This shallow flat-bottomed cast iron pot would heat up similar to Kamado. Comparing with aluminum or ceramic pots, cast iron rice cooking pot can easily adjust heat and cook your ideal rice.

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KAMA-ASA’s Ohitsu (Cooked rice jar)

Ohitsu is a traditional tool for storing cooked rice. It would bring out the flavor of rice by moderately cooling down and absorbing excess moisture.

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Handai and other tools

We carry other various tools for rice too, such as Handai (sushi rice mixing tub) and sushi mat too.

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