18-8 Stainless steel brazed slotted spout ladle / 50cc - 90cc



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A durable stainless steel slotted ladle with a spout. The spout is useful for precise serving.
This ladle is HACCP certified and perfect for using in professional kitchens. By brazing the handle without any gap, you can easily wash and keep the ladle hygienic.

*The shape of ladle is easy to use for right handed person. Please contact us if you are searching for a spout ladle for left handed person.

[Product information]
-Size and weight:
50cc: 9.7x6.6x23cm, 80g
70cc: 10.3x6.8x25.5cm, 102g
90cc: 11.4x7.6x25.5cm, 110g
-Material: 18-8 Stainless steel
-Origin: Niigata, Japan
-Dishwasher safe