Cutting board cleaner MIGACLEAN


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A double-sided scrub for cleaning the stains on cutting boards. It can be used for cutting boards or spatulas made of polyethylene, rubber and wood.
The rough side is for removing the stains and the smooth side is for finishing the surface. After rinsing the cutting board, remove the stains by scrubbing with the rough side. Finish the surface by using the smooth side and wash the cutting board with detergent after resurfacing.

-Please note there will be scratches left on the surface after using the scrub.
-Please rinse the cutting board with water before using the scrub.
-Wash the scrub with water after usage and store in a well ventilated place.

[Product information]
-Size and weight: 11.5x5x3cm, 18g
-Material: Polyethylene, Abrasive
-Origin: Chiba, Japan