IWACHU Nambu Cast Iron Takoyaki Pan with Wooden Handle


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A cast iron pan for making Takoyaki (Octopus ball). Takoyaki is a round, fried food made from batter with other ingredients like green onions and ginger and has a piece of octopus in the center. By frying the batter in this pan, you can shape the batter in round balls.
Cast iron can keep the temperature stable and evenly cook Takoyaki. This pan is induction compatible and suitable for table-top cooking.

-NOT dishwasher safe

[Product information]
-Size and weight: 34x18.5xH8cm (Hole size: Φ4xD2.5cm)
-Weight: 2100g
-Material: Cast iron(Body), Wood, Plated iron(Handle)
-Origin: Iwate, Japan
-Induction compatible