KAMA-ASA’s Ohitsu (Cooked rice jar) / 18cm - 21cm


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KAMA-ASA’s original Ohitsu.
Ohitsu is a traditional tool for storing cooked rice. It would bring out the flavor of rice by moderately cooling down and absorbing excess moisture.
Usually, Ohitsu has a copper band to fix the wood together. The copper band can shift or come off and needs to be fixed when the wood shrinks from dry atmosphere. Also, the color of copper may turn black after usage.
Our original Ohitsu is made by a special technique, which allows hiding the band by inserting inside the wood. Thus, there is no need of worrying the band coming off or discoloring. The simple functional design would suit any kind of situation and tabletops.
This Ohitsu is made of the highest quality Sawara tree (type of cypress) over 1 years old from Kiso, Nagano. Sawara wood has been traditionally used for kitchen and bath tools for its high durableness.

-Due to the feature of Sawara wood, wood tar may appear on the surface.
-Color of the wood may change after usage.
-Do not wash with detergent. We recommend washing with water and Tawashi brush.
-Do not dry under direct sunlight.
-NOT dishwasher safe.
-Please note it is not a tub for water and may leak when filling with liquid.

[Product information]
-Size and weight
-18cm (For 3 cups of rice)
Body: Diameter18cm Height 13cm
Lid: Diameter18.5cm Thickness 3cm
Height (including lid): 15.5cm
-21cm(For 5 cups of rice)
Body: Diameter 2.7cm Height 14.5cm
Lid: Diameter 22cm Thickness 3cm
Height (including lid): 17cm
Tub: Sawara wood (from Kiso, Nagano)
Band: Stainless steel
-Origin: Nagano, Japan