Net for CLOVER Stainless steel tray / Cabinet - No.10



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A stainless steel net for Stainless steel tray. By using trays and nets together, you can use for draining deep-fried dishes and drying ingredients too. It can be used in ovens too.
*Tray is not included.
*Only compatible with "Clover Stainless steel tray".
You can save money and shipping cost by purchasing 10 pcs SET.

-Do NOT use in microwaves.
-Oven safe
-Dishwasher safe

[Product information]
-Mesh pitch: 15mm
-Material: 18-8 Stainless steel
-Origin:?Niigata, Japan

Item Size (cm)

Tray Net Lid
Cabinet 21.0x17.0x3.0 17.7x13.5x1.5 21.6x17.5x1.5
No.21 24.8x20.1x3.8 21.2x16.5x1.5 25.5x20.8x1.7
No.18 26.7x20.6x4.0 23.0x17.0x1.5 27.5x21.4x1.7
No.15 29.7x23.2x5.0 26.0x19.5x1.5 30.3x23.9x1.7
No.12 32.5x26.0x5.3 28.6x21.5x1.5 33.1x26.3x1.7
No.10 35.5x27.0x6.3 31.3x22.0x1.5 36.2x27.6x1.7