Stainless Lid for CLOVER Stainless steel container / No.00 - No.5



*Please kindly note customs fees may be charged when you recieve your items.

A durable lid made of stainless steel for Clover Stainless steel container.
*Container is NOT included.
You can save money and shipping cost by purchasing 10 pcs SET.

[Product information]
-Material: Stainless steel
-Made in Niigata, Japan
-Dishwasher safe
-NOT Microwave safe

Item Size (cm)

Container Stainless steel Lid Plastic Lid
No.00 10.5x6.7x6.0 11.5x7.5 11.5x7.7
No.0 13.5x10.6x5.9 14.4x11.0 14.4x11.0
No.1 18.5x12.3x6.7 19.0x13.0 19.0x13.0
No.2 19.5x14.0x7.2 20.2x14.5 20.2x14.5
No.3 21.5x15.4x7.5 22.0x16.0 22.0x16.0
No.4 23.0x17.3x7.8 23.6x18.0 23.6x18.0
No.5 27.0x18.8x8.0 27.6x19.5 27.6x19.5