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Fabric items

KAMA-ASA's original fabric items.

KAMA-ASA’s denim apron for sharpening

A special apron for knife sharpening made by collaboration of Johnbull and KAMA-ASA. When finishing your knife sharpening, you would need to remove the burr from the blade by rubbing on newspapers or denim fabric. This apron has a different denim fabric attached on the right thigh for removing the burr.

The main fabric is black denim made by Johnbull. The stylish black color denim would discolor like vintage jeans the more you use.

This functional apron can be useful for using in professional kitchens and for home use too.

There are towel hangers on both sides. The chest pocket is convenient to put pens and memos. The large pocket on the left waist has a lid to prevent things from dropping off.

KAMA-ASA’s denim mitten

The palm side of the mitten is made of "Technora", which is a special heat resistant material that can bear 42℃ This high functional mitten is useful when handling woks and frying pans, in ovens and outside BBQ too. The inner of the mitten is made of a non-woven fabric called "Sontara", which has high heat insulation.

The thickness of mitten is considered for good operability to use in busy professional kitchens.

KAMA-ASA’s denim knife roll

A durable and stylish knife roll made by collaboration of Johnbull and KAMA-ASA.
Focusing on durability, we used denim for the exterior fabric and canvas for the interior fabric. The black denim can hide the stains and the aging can give originality over time.
This knife roll has 6 slots to place your knives and 4 functional pockets. 1 pocket is on the outside and the other 3 pockets are on the inside. Pockets are convenient to use when bringing chopsticks, tongs and other utensils.