Handcrafted steaming basket made of Hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood. 

We carry steaming basket made of stainless steel and Hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood. Stainless steel steaming basket has variety of sizes and easy to take care.
The Hinoki steaming basket has two types of shape. Japanese style basket can keep the steam inside and suitable for steaming rice. Chinese style basket can release excess steam and suitable for steaming dim sums. We handle Hinoki steaming basket at our online shop.


A durable Chinese steaming basket made of Hinoki (Japanese cypress) and Bamboo. The bamboo lid of Chinese steaming basket moderately releases the steam and prevents the food from being soggy. The steaming basket has a level difference on the top to prevent the lid from dropping off.
The beautiful catch is made of the bark of cherry blossom, which is durable and heat resistant than the usual plastic catch. The Hinoki woods are bonded by “Sokui”, which is a glue made from grinded rice.
※Please note 27cm size has different features since it is made by different factory. The basket has no level difference, the catch is made of stainless steel and the wood is bonded by glue, which conforms to the standard of the Food Sanitation Law.


A small sized Japanese steaming basket made of Hinoki (Japanese cypress). Japanese steaming basket is taller than Chinese steaming basket, which enables to cook larger ingredients. It is especially good at steaming rice since it can keep more steam inside compared to the Chinese steaming basket.
15cm size is useful to cook small amount of vegetables too.
It is compatible with “Himeno Dantsuki pot” and “Stainless steel pot for steaming basket“.