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KAMA-ASA's Black cutting board

KAMA-ASA's original cutting board made by collaborating with “TenRyo-Manaita” in Okayama, Japan.
The soft surface can retain the sharpness of your blade longer than hard cutting boards.


This cutting board is a collaboration product with “TenRyo-Manaita” in Okayama, Japan. The biggest feature of this cutting board is that its soft surface can retain the sharpness of your blade longer than hard cutting boards.
It is made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate), which is soft and elastic material compared to usual plastic and prevents from damaging the blade edge. There are 5 sizes available, from small sizes for home-use to large sizes for professional kitchens.


Wooden cutting boards are also soft and do not damage the blade edge, though cannot sterilize by using bleach.
KAMA-ASA’s black cutting board can use bleach for sanitization. Please note you cannot use hot water since it can only withstand temperature below 70℃.
※Please do not use hot water or dishwasher.


The black color cutting board enables to see the ingredients brighter and easier compared to white cutting boards. It can also avoid from food contamination too.
The stylish black color can fit into various kitchen.


The thick 2cm board has good cushioning and unlikely to warp compared to common plastic cutting boards. We can resurface the cutting board for fee-based service too.


The cutting boards are wrapped in our original package made of kraft paper and suitable for gifts too.
※L size and XL size does not have original package.


There may be small scratches and white lines seen on the surface of the cutting boards. These are due to the manufacturing process and does not have problem for usage.
Please kindly note we do not accept any refunds or replacements for the above reason. We appreciate for your understanding.


After long time usage, there will be small scratches and black residues found on the surface of the cutting board. Additionally, the areas where the blade frequently makes contact can become concave over time. If the cutting board is not flat, it can create gaps between the knife and the board, leading to uneven cutting performance. By using maintenance tools such as "cutting board cleaner" or by resurfacing, you can maintain a better cutting edge.