FUJITAKE V1 Deba / 135mm - 180mm



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Made in Seki city, Gifu

A thick blade for filleting and cutting through the fishbones. This knife is an essential knife for filleting fish in a Japanese way.
The blade material is using V1 stainless steel, which has good balance for its lasting of sharpness and easiness to sharpen. By including 14% of Chrome, it has high corrosion resistance. The simple timeless design is perfect for professional use too.

-NOT dishwasher safe
-To prevent rust, thoroughly wipe the knife after washing.
-Please read the instruction before usage.

[Product information]
-Size and weight
135mm: Total Length 24.5cm, Blade length 13.5cm 216g
150mm: Total Length 26.5cm, Blade length 15cm?280g
165mm: Total Length 28.5cm, Blade length 16.5cm?308g
180mm: Total Length 30.5cm, Blade length 18cm?356g
*The weight of knives can slightly vary.
-Knife type : Deba
-Knife bevel : Single bevel (For right handed)
-Manufacturing process : Pressed
-Blade material : V1 stainless steel
-Blade structure : Single layer
-Handle material : Composite wood
-Origin:Seki city, Gifu