Egg pans

Egg pans are ideal tools to make a soft fluffy egg roll (Japanese omelet)

Copper is an ideal material to make a soft fluffy egg roll (Japanese omelet), for its feature to transferring heat fast and evenly. Unlike non-stick pans, you might have your egg rolls burnt when first time use. By trying several times, you would success making a tasty egg roll at your home. The rectangular Kansai style is convenient for making dashi-maki egg rolls, which require to roll the egg several times. The square Kanto style is often used for making egg rolls for sushi.


・Kansai style (rectangular)
10.5cm: for 1 - 2 eggs
12cm: for 2 – 3 eggs
13.5cm: more than 3 eggs

・Kanto style (square)
15cm: more than 4 eggs
18cm: more than 6 eggs

*Please note the above amount is just a reference. It does not include the amount of other ingredients (ex. soup stocks).
*Only Kanto style (square) has a separately sold lid.