Handcrafted knives in Japan involve various production processes, each elaborated by skilled craftsman. To show respect for our craftsmen and pass on their values to our customers, KAMA-ASA does not re-brand the knives we sell.

We at KAMA-ASA offer free engraving upon purchase. We will engrave name or words of your choice onto your blade, adding more personal touch to your own knife.

A knife which can be your best partner

Our selection
We only handle quality knives which we can recommend with confidence and give thorough background.

The role of our selection of knives
The knives can connect the customers and craftspeople, and can pass on the thoughts and high technique to the next generation.

Our role through handling knives
We are here to support our customers not just as a retailer but also as an advisor to take care of their knives by our long-time experience and relationship between the craftspeople.

Our customers
We are dedicated to helping every customer who loves to cook and searching for good quality knives.


We handle various types of knives with different shapes, sizes and handles. In order to find the perfect knife which fits in your hands, we ask our customers to actually hold the knife at our real shops in Tokyo and Paris.We understand that it is not easy to choose products online, especially because you cannot physically touch and examine the actual product. In order to make sure that we deliver ideal cooking tools to our customers, we inform the details of each item and answer any questions.

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Knives can be divided into 2 large groups, “Japanese style (single bevel)” or “Western style (double bevel)” and can also be broken down in different manufacturing processes and origins. In this page, we will briefly introduce the basics about knives such as the difference of single bevel and double bevel, the blade material and structure of blades.


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