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Cast iron charcoal extinguisher / S - LL


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Charcoal extinguisher is a tool to safely extinguish charcoal. By putting charcoal inside the pot and closing the lid, the charcoal will naturally extinguish since there will be no oxygen for burning. Charcoal extinguished by charcoal extinguisher is reusable and can easily catch fire, which is useful for starting fire. It is economical when you are using high quality Binchotan charcoals.
There is charcoal extinguisher made of cast iron and ceramic.
The cast iron charcoal extinguisher is higher price though stronger and durable than the ceramic type.

-Time for extinguishing will depend on the amount of charcoal. Charcoal is extinguished when the pot is completely cooled down.
-The pot will get hot when you put charcoal inside. Do not touch the pot until it cools down.
-Do not open the lid until the charcoal completely extinguish. If you open the lid before the charcoal extinguish, the charcoal will start fire again.
-The cast iron pot will rust without care.
-Do not water the pot, except emergency.

[Product information]
-Size and weight:
S : Φ18 x H14cm, 3550g (Discontinued size)
L : Φ23 x H18cm, 5400g
LL : Φ24 x H18cm, 8000g
-Material: Cast iron
-Origin: Saitama, Japan