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Thick type Copper egg roll pan


*Please kindly note customs fees may be charged when you receive your items.

A professional style copper egg roll pan made of 1.5mm thick copper. General copper pans are made of 1.2mm sheet, while this pan is made of thicker 1.5mm sheet which can gently transfer heat and cook the food evenly.
There are 3 sizes suitable for using at home kitchens.
The rectangular Kansai style is suitable for dashimaki egg rolls and the square Kanto style is used for making omelets for sushi.
*All copper egg roll pans are NOT induction compatible
*Only Kanto style (square) has a separately sold lid.

[Recommendable size]
-Kansai style (rectangular)
10.5cm: for 1 - 2 eggs
12cm: for 2 - 3 eggs
13.5cm: more than 3 eggs

-Kanto style (square)
15cm: more than 4 eggs
18cm: more than 6 eggs
*Please note the above amount is just a reference. It does not include the amount of other ingredients (ex. soup stocks).

[Before first time use]
Please wash the pan with sponge and kitchen detergent.
Thoroughly wipe and dry the pan.
Since the egg can easily stick to the pan when using it for the first time, use more oil than usual.

[How to care]
Wash the pan with only water and Tawashi brush. Do not use kitchen detergent since it will remove the layer of oil.
It is also fine to just wipe the pan with a paper towel after usage.
Thoroughly wipe and dry the pan. Do not heat the empty pan since it will damage the inner tinplate.

-NOT induction compatible.
-NOT dishwasher safe
-Do not heat up the empty pan. It would cause deformation and the inner tin coating would come off.
-Please dry the pan after usage to avoid rust.
-Please note copper pans are likely to turn black regardless of care. The black marks are a natural byproduct of the oxidation process and has no harm.
-Please read the instructions before usage.

[Product information]
-Size and weight
Kansai style (rectangular)
10.5cm: 33.0x10.5xH3.0cm, 560g
12cm: 34.5x12.0xH3.0cm, 630g

Kanto style (square)
15cm: 33x15xH3cm, 690g

-NOT induction compatible.
-Material: Tin-plated copper
-Origin: Niigata, Japan