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HIMENO Aluminum Hakkaku Pot / 21cm - 24cm



*Please kindly note customs fees may be charged when you recieve your items.

[About Himeno saku]
"Himeno saku" has been manufacturing hand hammered pots in Osaka since 1924. Each pot is elaborately hand hammered by Hisakazu Himeno, who is the 3rd generation craftsman. His works are beloved by chefs and home cooks for its durability and function.

This pot is made by hand hammering a thick 3mm sheet of aluminum. The hammering process does not only make beautiful pattern but also makes the pot sturdy and transfers heat evenly.
"Hakkaku" means octagonal in Japanese and is considered as an auspicious shape. This beautiful pot would be perfect for cooking hot pots and Shabu-shabu at the table.

-NOT induction compatible.
-Please note aluminum pans are likely to turn black. The black marks are a natural byproduct of the aluminum oxidation process and has no harm.
-There may be scratches on the pan due to the manufacturing process.
-Please replace food in other containers after cooking. Do not store food in the pan.
-Do not heat the empty pan since it will damage the pan.
-NOT dishwasher safe
-Please read the instruction before usage.

[Product information]
-Size and weight
18cm: W19xH5.5cm
21cm: W21.5cmxH6cm
24cm: W24.5cmxH7.5cm
-Material: Aluminum
-Origin: Osaka, Japan