Kasumi Shirogami No.2 Yanagi



Made in Kochi

A knife for slicing sashimi from fish fillet. The long single bevel blade enables it to slice fish fillet in one stroke without damaging the surface and creates a smooth texture. You slice by pulling the knife toward you as you cut. It can slice not only fish but also raw or cooked meat as well.

Knife production in Kochi Prefecture has long had its roots in practical tools for mountain forestry and agriculture.
For this reason, Kochi originally had a large number of blacksmiths. To work on technical innovations, some blacksmiths trained in Sakai, Osaka and knife production in Kochi have made great strides in recent years.

These knives are made of high quality blade materials and the exceptional skills of the blacksmiths. Rollers are used in part of the manufacturing process, which allows them to produce more knives at a more affordable price. The “Aratogi” procedure (sharpening by rough stone) is done by a machine to shorten the production time and the other sharpening procedures are done by hand, which results in fine blade edge.

- NOT dishwasher safe
- To prevent rust, thoroughly wipe the knife after washing.
- Please read the instructions before usage.

[Product information]
-Size and Weight
210mm: Total Length 34cm, Blade length21cm 127g
240mm: Total Length 37.7cm, Blade length 24cm 148g
270mm: Total Length 41.2cm, Blade length 27cm 192g
*The weight of knives can slightly vary.
-Knife type : Yanagi (Sashimi knife)
-Knife bevel : Single bevel (For right handed)
-Manufacturing process : Forged
-Blade material : Shirogami No.2 carbon steel
-Blade structure : Kasumi
-Handle material : Magnolia (Round)
-Black smith: Artisan in Kochi