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KOZO Tawashi Brush Musubi


*Please kindly note customs fees may be charged when you recieve your items.

[Takada kozo shoten]
Tawashi is a traditional Japanese brush made by tying up the fibers of hemp palm with wires. Takada kozo shoten has been making Tawashi in Wakayama since 1948. Each of their Tawashi is neatly made by hand. They are holding a Japanese palm tree reforestation project in Wakayama.

Nowadays most of Tawashi brush is made of hard palm. Takada kozo shoten use "hemp palm", which is a traditional material used for Tawashi. The advantage of hemp palm is its softness, durability, and heat resistance. The soft hemp palm fibers can wash without damaging the ingredients and tools. After usage, you can disinfect the Tawashi by hot water.
Musubi Tawashi is a new shaped Tawashi made by combining 2 brushes. Since the wires are entirely hided, there is no need to worry about scratches from the wire while washing. It is perfect for washing KAMA-ASA’s cast iron rice cooking pot and wooden items such as Ohitsu (rice containers).

-Size and shape would slightly vary due to manufacturing process.
-There may be powders of hemp palm coming out for first time usage.
-Do not use Tawashi with too strong power. It would damage the brush.
-NOT dishwasher safe

[Product information]
-Size and weight
Musubi : L10xW6.5xH6.5cm, 32g
-Material: Hemp palm (not from Japan)
-Origin: Wakayama, Japan