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Lid for KAMA-ASA's Hammered Iron Frying pan 26cm


A special lid made for KAMA-ASA’s hammered iron frying pan.
Since KAMA-ASA’s hammered iron frying pan is hammered, some of the pans have slight size difference and cannot fit usual lids. This original lid is made to be able to cover the pans with size differences too.
-High durability
Since this original lid is made of stainless steel, you do not need to worry of rusting like iron and breaking like glass. The 1mm thick stainless steel would perfectly fit on the frying pan.
-Plastic grip
The plastic grip on the lid is unlikely to get hot while cooking.
-Dome-shaped lid
The dome-shaped lid is suitable when grilling large ingredients.
*Please note this item does not include frying pan.

-The plastic grip may get hot depending on time of cooking.

[Product information]
-Size and weight
Diameter 28cm Height 5cm Weight 490g
-Material: Stainless steel, Phenol resin
-Made in Osaka, Japan