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KAMA-ASA’s denim mitten (for one hand)


*This product is one-handed only.
*Please kindly note customs fees may be charged when you recieve your items.

KAMA-ASA’s original mitten made by collaborating with "Johnbull" and "tet.".
"tet." has been manufacturing original mittens and gloves in Higashikagawa city, Kagawa from 216. Higashikagawa city accounts for 9% of glove production in Japan and is famous for their quality products.

Johnbull is making denim casual wears in Kojima, Kurashiki city, Okayama since 1952. Kojima is renowned for producing quality denim in Japan. Johnbull has been developing original denim by their own factory and producing high quality items.

The material used for the back of mitten is stylish denim. The durable denim would fit in your hand the more you use.
-Special heat resistant material "Technora"
The palm side of the mitten is made of "Technora", which is a special heat resistant material that can bear 420 This high functional mitten is useful when handling woks and frying pans, in ovens and outside BBQ too. The inner of the mitten is made of a non-woven fabric called "Sontara", which has high heat insulation.
The thickness of mitten is considered for good operability to use in busy professional kitchens.
*Please note the mitten cannot be used at 420℃
Unlike the 5-fingered mitten, this type of mitten can be put on and off easily. It can be used for both right and left hand. Please purchase a pair of mittens to use in ovens.
We made the mitten slightly long to cover your wrist and protect from burning when using in ovens. To avoid threads from contaminating into food, every stitch is sewn up not to touch your hands.

-Please note the item price is including 1 mitten. If you would like to use for both hands, please purchase 2 pcs.
-Please be careful of color transferring.
-Please note this item is made to use for cooking.
-Heat resistant fabric is used only on the palm side of the mitten. Please note 420℃ is the heat resistant temperature of the fabric. This mitten cannot be used at 420℃.

[Product information]
-Size and weight
Free size (Unisex / For right and left hand) Length 24cm x Width 14cm
-Material: Black denim, Canvas
-Origin: Kagawa, Japan