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MIYABI-URUSHI Handai (Sushi Rice Mixing Tub) / 30cm - 36cm



*Please kindly note customs fees may be charged when you recieve your items.

Handai is an essential tool for making "sushi rice" by mixing cooked rice and vinegar. It absorbs excess moisture while mixing and prevents the sushi rice from being soggy. Using a separately sold lid would prevent the rice from getting dry.
This Handai is made of Sawara wood (type of cypress) from Kiso, Nagano. Sawara wood has been traditionally used for kitchen and bath tools for its high durableness. Each Handai is neatly finished by plane.
Handai can be used as Ohitsu (cooked rice container) when combined with a separately sold lid.
* Half of the maximum volume of rice is preferable when making sushi rice.

-Due to the feature of Sawara wood, wood tar may appear on the surface.
-Color of the wood and copper band may change after usage.
-Too dry atmosphere may cause shrinkage and the copper band may come off.
-Do not wash with detergent. We recommend washing with water and Tawashi brush.
-Do not dry under direct sunlight.
-NOT dishwasher safe.
-Please note it is not a tub for water and may leak when filling with liquid.

[Product information]
-Size and weight
30cm : Φ30xH8.5cm, 556g (Maximum volume: for 3 cups (450g of dry rice))
33cm : Φ33xH9cm, 670g?(Maximum volume: for 5 cups (750g of dry rice))
36cm : Φ36x9.5cm, 816g?(Maximum volume: for 7 cups (1,050g of dry rice))
Tub: Sawara wood (from Kiso, Nagano)
Band: Copper
-Origin Nagano, Japan