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OYA Copper Grater Mini


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[Ooya seisakusho]
Ooya seisakusho has been making handmade copper grater since 1928. The quality grater with sharp edge is chosen by professionals.

A small copper grater for grating condiments. The sharp edge would grate the daikon radish without loosing its juice and enrich the flavor of wasabi and gingers.
You can grate the ingredients smoothly since each grater is toothed by hand. Each edge looks similar though has a different shape and grates the ingredients by different surface.

[How to care]
Please wash the grater with kitchen detergent and brush after usage.
Wipe the grater with a cloth or paper towel and store in dry place.

-Do NOT use for hard ingredients.
-NOT dishwasher safe.
-When water is left, copper would rust. Please remove the rust by rubbing a mixture of salt and vinegar. You can use ketchup too.
-Since the teeth is sharp, please be careful when handling the grater.

[Product information]
-Size and weight
MINI: 9.2x5.8cm, 51g
Crane: 9.5x8.0cm, 72g
Turtle: 10.3x7.0cm, 54g
-Material: Tin-plated copper
-Origin: Saitama, Japan