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Sharpening stone / Arato-kun #220


*Please kindly note customs fees may be charged when you recieve your items.

[Rough stone]
Rough stones are for fixing a chipped blade or re-sharpening very dull knives. The blade cannot be sharpened by only using "rough stone". Please note you would need to sharpen your blade with "middle stone" to make a sharp edge.

By containing PA material (Alumina Abrasive), Arato-kun has high durability and can sharpen faster than other rough stones.

-Soak the stone for about 20 minutes before sharpening.

[Product information]
-Size : 7.5x20.5x5cm
-Weight : 940g
-Coarseness : #220 (Rough stone)
-Material : PA(Pink fused alumina abrasive) #220
-Origin : Japan