There are several ways to extinguish charcoal such as putting in water. However, we recommend another way so that you can easily reuse the extinguished charcoal for your next BBQ.

How to store charcoal

Please put unused charcoal in a plastic bag and store it tightly closed to prevent moisture from entering. Charcoal can easily absorb moisture so please store in a dry place.

How to extinguish charcoal

We recommend using a “charcoal extinguisher” instead of using water. By putting charcoal inside the pot and closing the lid, the charcoal will naturally extinguish since there will be no oxygen for burning. You can store the charcoal inside the pot and use the extinguished charcoal for the next BBQ.

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If you are in a hurry, we recommend using water for extinguishing charcoal. Leave the charcoal in water overnight and completely dry it under sunlight if you wish to reuse it.

*Please be careful when reusing charcoal extinguished by water. The charcoal may pop when it is not completely dried.


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