CR-2800 Double sided sharpening stone


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An economical double sided sharpening stone with rough stone (#280) and middle stone (#1500). The case can be used as a base for sharpening. By putting water inside the case while sharpening, the opposite side of stone can be soaked in water. A small fixing stone for cleaning the surface of stone is included as a set.

- Please soak the stone in water for about 20 minutes before usage.

[Product information]
-Size : 24x9.3x4.6cm (Stone size : 18.3x6.3x1.3 / 18.3x6.3x1.5cm)
-Weight : 950g
-Coarseness : White #1500 (Middle stone) / Orange #280 (Rough stone)
-Material : Ceramic
-Origin : Japan