FUJITAKE powder high speed steel Utility knife 150mm

For Japanese engraving: Please enter the text in the form with "JP". (e.g. Tokyo "JP")
Please note that Japanese engraving on the blade is done vertically.


*Please kindly note customs fees may be charged when you recieve your items.

Made in Seki city, Gifu

A knife made of "Hammered high speed powder steel", which is one of the hardest stainless steel. The quality blade can maintain sharpness for longer time and bear heavy usage in busy professional kitchens. The beautiful pattern is made of 65 layers of Damascus steel. Compared with general type of blades, please note this hard blade requires skill to sharpen and can easily chip by mishandling. The handle is made of durable and water resistant type of composite wood called micarta. Since there is no gap between the bolster and blade, you can easily wash and keep the blade clean.
*If you wish to order engraving, we recommend you have it on the bolster for this knife. As the blade has a heavy design, it may be hard for you to notice the engraving on the blade.

-NOT dishwasher safe
-To prevent rust, thoroughly wipe the knife after washing.
-Please read the instruction before usage.

[About engraving]
- Type of engraving
 "English alphabet (Cursive)"
Engrave your name or message in English alphabet. Font style is cursive only. We can engrave initials too. You can order by proceeding from "ENGRAVE". Please enter what you like to have engraved on the knife and add to cart after you check the preview.
Engrave your name or message in Kanji or Katakana. Font style cannot be changed. Please inquire from the link below "ENGRAVE" for engraving in Japanese. We cannot accept Japanese engraving without inquiring.
- Notice
*There is a limit to the number of characters depending on the knife and place of engraving.
 Blade (A and C) : Japanese Maximum 10 characters, English alphabet (Cursive) Maximum 20 characters
 Bolster (B and D) : Japanese Maximum 3 characters, English alphabet (Cursive) Maximum 5 characters
*Engraving knives will take time. Dispatching the items will be 7 days after your order.
*Engraving in Japanese will be ONLY in Kanji or Katakana. Please note we do not engrave in Hiragana.
*Please note all engraving will be done by hand and may be different from the preview.
*As the blade has a heavy design, it may be hard for you to notice the engraving if it's done there. We recommend having it done on the bolster (B / D).

[Product information]
-Size : Total Length 26cm, Blade length 15cm
-Weight : 152g
*The weight of knives can slightly vary.
-Knife type : Utility knife
-Knife bevel : Double bevel (For right and left handed)
-Manufacturing process : Forged
-Blade material : Forged powder high speed steel (Stainless steel)
-Blade structure : Multi layer (Damascus)
-Handle material : Composite wood
-Engraving :
Blade : Japanese and English
Bolster : Japanese and English
-Origin : Seki city, Gifu