Hinoki cutting board Ontakesan


This cutting board is made of the highest quality Hinoki (Japanese cypress) tree over 200 years old from Kiso, Nagano. The moderate hardness of Hinoki wood does not damage the blade edge and would retain the sharpness of your blade.
This cutting board is made by assembling "Masame" (highest quality part of Hinoki wood) with a special method. The "Masame" part is very durable and unlikely to warp.
The thick 3cm board is unlikely to warp and crack. We can resurface the cutting board for fee-based service. Please read the inclusive instruction for further information.

-NOT dishwasher safe.
-Patterns would vary since it is natural wood product.
-Rinse the cutting board with water before each time usage.
-Please avoid from using bleach for sanitization.

[Product information]
-Size and weight
Mini: 31x17cm, 602g
Ontakesan: 36x24cm, 986g
Yamabiko: 44x30cm, 1534g
*All 3cm thickness
-Material: Hinoki (Japanese cypress)
-Origin: Nagano, Japan