KAMA-ASA’s Black BBQ grill


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Black rectangular grill with KAMA-ASA’s original logo plate.
Diatomite is a kind of clay used for traditional Japanese grills. It is a heat-resistant material and can keep the temperature stable, which enables to grill by charcoal efficiently.
The square shaped grill is suitable for grilling large ingredients too. Outer of the grill is covered by thin black metal, which makes the grill durable.
Easy to carry by holding the stainless handles.
*Stainless steel grid is included.

-Please put in charcoal and let the inner painting burn before first time usage. It would give out a chemical smell. Start grilling food after the painting is burnt and stops smelling.
-The place you put charcoal would turn white after usage.
-Do not water the grill while usage except emergency. It would cause damage.
-Do not wash the grill after usage.
-Diatomite grills can break by mishandling. Please handle with care.
-The grill can only be used with charcoal. Do not use other fuels.
-Use in a well ventilated place when using inside the room.

[Product information]
-Size and weight
Grill: Length 22.5cm x Width 38.5cmx Height 17.5cm Weight 5.5kg
Stainless grid: 4cmx24cm Weight 45g
Grill: Diatomite
Grid: Stainless steel
-Grill: Made in Aichi, Japan
-Grid: Made in Osaka, Japan