KAMA-ASA’s MINI Black Shichirin


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Small sized black shichirin, with KAMA-ASA’s original logo plate.
Diatomite is a kind of clay used for traditional Japanese grills. It is a heat-resistant material and can keep the temperature stable, which enables to grill by charcoal efficiently.
The round shaped grill is perfect for enjoying tabletop grill by small groups. The original black color painting would hide the stains after usage.
The attached stainless carrier can reduce the heat transferring to the bottom.
The inclusive grate is made of durable iron.
*Stainless grid is included.

-Please put in charcoal and let the inner painting burn before first time usage. It would give out a chemical smell. Start grilling food after the painting is burnt and stops smelling.
-The place you put charcoal would turn white after usage.
-Do not water the grill while usage except emergency. It would cause damage.
-Do not wash the grill after usage.
-Diatomite grills can break by mishandling. Please handle with care.
-The grill can only be used with charcoal. Do not use other fuels.

[Product information]
-Size and weight: Width 25cm(Including handle) x Height 17.5cm Weight 2.5kg
-Material: Diatomite, Stainless steel (Grid)
-Origin: Aichi, Japan