NAKAO aluminum tray for Gyoza / SIZE: S - L



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An anodized aluminum tray made by Nakao Aluminum. This type of stackable tray is mainly used for keeping noodles and Gyoza dumplings. There is slight size difference between Gyoza tray and noodle tray though both can be used for same usage. The groove at the bottom can collect excess moisture and oil from food and can also enhance durability. The corner edges are made to firmly stack the trays. Light aluminum wares are easy to handle and unlikely to rust.
There is a separately sold lid.

[Product information]
-Size and weight:
S: 30x22x4cm, 364g
M: 33.5x25.5x4cm, 450g
L: 40x30x4cm, 566g
-Material: Anodized aluminum
-Origin: Ibaraki, Japan
-Dishwasher safe