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We offer a free live stream shopping service for overseas customers by video chatting. You can explore our shop through the camera and ask any questions about items or discuss with our staff about making custom order products. We understand that it is not easy to choose products online, especially because you cannot physically touch and examine the actual product. Our staff will do our very best to support each customer to find products that fit them most.


Overseas customers who can speak Japanese, English, or French

How to make a reservation

Please make a reservation through the following page. Our staff will contact you by email. Please make sure to enter your correct email address.

Live streaming shopping

  • Our staff will introduce items through video chatting
  • Free service


Approx 1 hour for 1 customer

Video chat application


We can only introduce products that we handle at KAMA-ASA.
Please kindly note only 1 customer can participate in 1 reservation.