YAMAICHI Mini Japanese Steaming Basket / SIZE: 18cm - 21cm



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A small sized Japanese steaming basket made of Hinoki (Japanese cypress). Japanese steaming basket is taller than Chinese steaming basket, which makes it convenient to steam rice. This steaming basket can be useful to cook small amount of vegetables too.
18cm size is compatible with 18cm stainless steel pot for steamers and Himeno hand hammered Dantsuki pot 19cm..
*Pot is sold separately.

-Patterns and colors would vary since it is made of natural material.
-The odor of Hinoki (Japanese cypress) can be reduced by steaming the empty basket before first time usage.
-Do not seal the steaming basket in plastic bags.
-Do not dry under direct sunlight and dryers. It would damage the item.
-NOT dishwasher safe.

[Product information]
-Size and weight
18cm : Diameter 17cm, Internal diameter 16cm, Bottom diameter 18cm, Bottom internal diameter 15cm, Height 7.5cm, Internal height 6.5cm
21cm : Diameter 2cm, Internal diameter 19cm, Bottom diameter 18cm, Bottom internal diameter 17.5cm, Height 1.5cm , Internal height 7.5cm
Basket: Hinoki wood
Lid: Sawara wood
-Basket: Made in Japan
-Lid: Made in Nagano, Japan