YAMAICHI Wooden Pestle Thick Type 270


Pestles made of Japanese wing nut wood. There are 2 type of thickness. Thicker type can grind faster. To easily grind with the mortar, please choose a longer pestle than the diameter of the mortar.

-Patterns and colors would vary since it is made of natural material.
-NOT dishwasher safe.

[Product information]
-Size and weight
18cm : Φ3.3cmxL18cm
24cm : Φ3.3cmxL24cm
30cm : Φ3.3cmxL30cm
Thick type 21cm : Φ4.8cmxL21cm, 100g
Thick type 27cm : Φ4.8cmxL27cm, 150g
-Material: Japanese wing nut wood
-Origin: Nagano, Japan